Picks4Me App’s Features

Picks4Me offers unique features that make it easy for friends and family to gather in one place and shop for each other. Nothing could be more convenient

Ask Friends

“Ask Friends” is available for all products–you can also shop alone if you prefer


Another feature is chat where you can chat with friends to discuss details

My Picks

My Picks, storing the details of the products the user has picked up

Pick and Share

Our “Pick and Share” feature allows you to take photos of products while shopping in local stores and share with friends and then invite friends to vote on their favourite choices In addition, in “Pick


“Kart” where you can place you picked items and check before you ask friends

My Activites

Where you can check friends request to join, accepting friends requests, friends asking for help, group start for voting

Picks4Me Showcase

Having friends help you shop is fun and can make choosing the right item easier, reducing the chance of returning the merchandise.

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Contact Us

Have any questions or need to get more information about our Picks4Me App? Either way, you’re in the right spot. We are here to help!

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