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Getting Started with Picks4Me

Picks4Me offers unique features that make it easy for friends and family to gather in one place and shop for each other. Nothing could be more convenient. Featuring an “Ask Friends” service, our App allows consumers to handpick a shopping list “Kart” that others have access to for the purpose of buying. They can ask for advice, shop with friends and ask friends for their opinions- all online.

The Picks4Me app is a totally new concept, designed to help you pick and choose the right products by inviting your friends to vote on your choices. Picks4me provides you the expert opinion i.e helper and advisor to pick the best with their shopping experience

Here, you are able to choose products and “Ask Friends” to vote for the best style, color, etc. This feature is available for all products, including fashion, electronics, automobiles, home appliances, cuisine, recipes, restaurants, etc.

This is great for families that are spread out or that have children in college in another state or another country. It also serves the needs people have to shop with friends and to ask friends for advice.

  1. The diversity of products and availability is HUGE! If you wish to buy from a specific store or website
  2. Our “Pick and Share” feature allows you to take photos of products while shopping in local stores and share them with friends and then invite friends to vote on their favorite choices
  3. In addition, in “Pick and Share”, you can use this feature to help decide what to wear for a special occasion, what to cook, etc.
  4. Another feature is a chat where you can chat with friends to discuss details
  5. “What to Pick” is available for all products–you can also shop alone if you prefer
  6. You can “Tag Pick” a friend by geographical location; once you reach them, you can send notifications to them
  7. Kart” where you can place your picked items and check before you ask friends

IF YOU ARE A RETAILER, the app will benefit you through e-commerce, by promoting your products. Participants will be able to:

  • Cast social product votes and increase conversions
  • Generate incremental sales via referral traffic
  • Automatic notifications of votes responses act as reminders
  • Reduce support queries and returns by recruiting friend’s recommendations
  • Product exposure to consumers all over the world
  • Offer a wider, more varied selection of products that attracts more customers

We aim to please. Write us with comments, suggestions, or product requests. Or, open your account and start reaping the many benefits with us today:

  • Product exposure to consumers from all over the world
  • a wide, varied selection of products that draws more customers
  • increased sales

Contact us for questions!