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Getting Started with Picks4Me

The Picks4Me website is very simple to use.  With just a few clicks, you will be sharing your ideas on what to buy or what you would like to buy with your friends. Having friends help you shop is fun and can make choosing the right item easier, reducing the chance of returning the merchandise. Be sure to read each merchant’s policies on returns and refunds carefully.

Picks4Me offers unique features that make it easy for friends and family to gather in one place and shop for each other. Nothing could be more convenient. Featuring a “Picks” service, this site allows consumers to handpick a shopping list that others have access to for the purpose of buying. They can ask for advice, shop with friends and ask friends for their opinions- all without leaving the website.


Feeding the Need to Shop


Billions of people visit the internet daily. Some go to check their feeds on social network sites, other go for work and still others go to shop. Social shopping has become a normal part of today’s culture. It’s convenient, almost always accessible and it provides a way for friends and family that may be in different parts of the country or world to share in the experience.


For some, these sites offer a way to leave the crowded shopping malls behind while doing Christmas shopping or finding that perfect item for someone’s birthday. For others, it’s a way to avoid stressful social situations and a way for the disabled to shop conveniently. There are a myriad of reasons why people choose social online shopping but it all boils down to one thing- these sites work to save consumers money and to bring needed sales to small businesses like yours.


Ask Friends Before You Buy

Picks4Me offers a “Pick It” feature that allows people to choose items and place them on a shopping list. This list can be seen by two advisors and up to three helpers that can come in handy on any number of purchases. The advisors are there to make the picks and purchases for people if they can’t do it themselves and the helpers are friends and family members there to answer the more immediate questions and to give advice before the item is purchased. This leads to satisfied customers and less returns. This is a great for families that are spread out or that have children in college in another state or another country. It also serves the needs people have to shop with friends and to ask friends for advice.


For businesses, this means a better, more stable income. While consumers are perusing your items, they can suggest them to friends and family. This means your items are being promoted for free, with the potential for sales at every suggestion. It means you can grow your sales while you sleep, also, because people shop at all hours of the day and night. Since Picks4Me provides service in many different countries, your merchandise has the potential of being seen by thousands, worldwide.


All of this convenience is in one online location, just waiting for people to sign up, save money and have fun. Consumers respond to this type of shopping for its benefits:


  1. Consumers save time and money by buying their products online
  2. Because of comparison shopping, they are satisfied with their purchases. They know they have found the best value for their money
  3. The internet is almost always available, unlike traditional stores.
  4. They make better decisions because they can always get the support they need from their helpers and advisors.
  5. They are usually very satisfied with the experience and make return trips.


For you, as a business owner, the benefits can be determined in growth. For growth to occur, you have to have the right tools. Picks4Me provides:


  • Friend polls to drive traffic to your store
  • Insights into the consumer buying process so you know what kind of merchandise to list
  • A 5% increase in conversion rates because the site provides tools for better buying decisions
  • Poll results that provide you with insight into the preferences of customers, giving you valuable information that helps you pick the right merchandise at the right times.


Picks4Me is an easy site to register with and sell on. It’s a great way to boost sales and drive traffic to your online store. Contact us today!


Grow Your Sales


At Picks4Me, we provide sales solutions for the Shopping products by offering a wide network of consumers to small businesses that are trying to grow their brand. Our site delivers your products directly to consumers for their ease and convenience and for your bottom line.


We provide an easy platform with which friends shop with friends online. They have an “Ask Friends” option where they can provide friends and family with their shopping list. Consumers can also ask friends to help with purchases and suggest items for others.


You can come and create your own corporate account. You can do this whether you have an e-commerce store, or a traditional store with a physical location to double and triple your sales. While helping consumers find all they need in one easy location, we also help you build the business you have always longed for. List your products with us and watch your sales and profits expand!


We aim to please. Write us with comments, suggestions or product requests. Or, open your account and start reaping the many benefits with us today:


  • Product exposure to consumers from all over the world
  • wide, varied selection of products that draws more customers
  • increased sales


Contact us for questions!